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Beshears Painting has been servicing the Kansas City Northland for over 16 years.  We are a full service painting company providing a wide range of services.  All jobs are specially catered to each individual customer's needs.

At Beshears Painting we are dedicated to providing the best possible high quaility service you expect.

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Choosing a Painting Contractor

It seems that every year more homeowners are choosing to hire a professional painting contractor rather than do it themselves. A professional painting contractor can offer a level of quality not easily obtained by the average "do-it-yourselfer."

Evaluating a Paint Job

House painting is labor intensive and can be dangerous. Both interior and exterior painting will require considerable physical effort. Typically, exterior painting is the most demanding.


In choosing the best price, make sure that you compare apples-to-apples.  Compare written estimates (not verbal promises) regarding the amount of preparation, quality of materials, number of coats, etc.  The lowest price is seldom the best price.

Consider your Time

Depending on the project, it could take several days of effort to finish the painting. This is especially true for exterior painting.

Can you live with things being unfinished for a while if you are called away? For most people, they only have the weekends to accomplish something.  An average exterior could take a month or more to accomplish working only weekends.


A contractor who keeps the appointment for an estimate is more likely to arrive promptly for the job and complete the project on time.


How a contractor responds to phone calls can be an indication of your ability to contact him after the work begins.  If you must wait days for a return phone call, will the same occur after the job starts?

Experience counts

It’s hard to overstate the importance of experience. There is no such thing as "cookie cutter" paint jobs, where the same procedures can be used over and over with the same good results.

Every home is different and will require different amounts and types of preparation as well as different mixes of products to achieve lasting results. The more types of paint jobs that a painter does the more they learn. Only the experience of your house painter can produce lasting results.


Adequate insurance is important for your protection.  Ask to see a Certificate of Insurance.


A professional contractor will stand behind hi work and will offer a written warranty.  However, if the company goes out of business (or can't be located), your warranty is useless.  The stability of the company is as important as the warranty.

written proposal

A well written proposal will carefully describe what is included in the job.  This allows both parties to clarify any ommissions or misunderstandings.  The proposal speaks volumes about the professionalism of the contractor.


Any contractor should be able to produce a list of good references.  If possible, drive by a recently completed job and look at the quality of their work.

Consumer awareness

No two jobs are exactly alike.  A professional contractor will seek to learn what you need and/or desire.  He will listen to your comments and questions, and make recommendations suited to your purposes.


A contractor may be at or in your home for a week or longer.  Be certain that you feel comfortable with him/her.